B'nai Mitzvah Films

At Alex Hopkins Entertainment, we do NOT make the old style 1-2 hour long, grainy Camcorder Grandpa type Videos. Our films try to creatively and dynamically capture the feeling and emotion of the day with High Quality 4k footage (even in low light) and skillful editing. I approach the party/day like a cinematic story- because really.. it is! 


Unlike many companies, I shoot everything in full 4k for the future, even in our basic packages. I also engage with your child, family and friends in a fun way at the party, so it’s kind of like getting an extra MC to add to the energy and excitement! I LOVE being part of this important milestone. When you book Alex Hopkins Entertainment- you get Alex Hopkins (barring Emergency!), not a stranger just sent from a bigger company with no emotional investment.

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Package 1 'Let's Party'
3 Films

  • 4-7 Minute Cinematic/Highlight Party Video cut to Music

    • Length depends on the party, amount of games, moments to fill the story of the day 

  • Longer Cut of Cinematic Film to include Full Coverage (Video and Audio) of all key moments (e.g. Speeches, Candle Lighting Ceremony, Motzi, Mother/Father/Daughter/Son dance)

    • All key moments discussed with family/planner in advanced so we capture what is important to the family

    • Length of this film depends on length of those moments.

      • E.g. If the speeches go for 30 mins and the Candle Lighting for 20 mins, then the film will be at least 50 mins long, top and tailed with elements of the Cinematic film

  • Video of the full Party Speeches for quick access on its own.

Package 2 'L'dor V'Dor'
3 Films

  • Everything from the ‘Let’s Party’ Package (with slightly longer Cinematic film) PLUS

  • Full day Coverage, with Cinematographer at Temple to capture Video Family Portraits, Kid with Torah/on Bima, Kiddish, Short grabs from service (no Audio, and dependent on Temple rules)

  • Short one minute interviews/blessings with important family members and friends (discussed prior) as keep sakes, to be included in the Longer Cinematic Film and also with the Full Speeches film. 


Package 3 (Best Value)
'Service to Swag'
4 Films

  • Everything from the ‘Let’s Party’ & ‘L’dor V’Dor’ Package PLUS

  • Full Service Video from TWO ANGLES with High Quality Audio (this is subject to Temple Rules and clearance). 

    • We have a policy to never intrude on the sanctity of a service. Cameras will be placed at the back or to the side to get the best angle possible without blocking anyone- family or friends. Nothing is more important than the moment itself.