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B'nai mitzvah films

We take great satisfaction in creating timeless and cinematic B'nai Mitzvah films, with high quality Video Production. 

Video is still seen by many families as an 'add-on' to Photography or Entertainment packages. We think video is not just an 'add-on' but THE greatest way to capture and remember your day and those important people associated with it. 

Alex Hopkins continues to serve as Music Director at Congregation Kol Ami in Westchester, NY and has not only played over 500 Bar Mitzvah services as a musician, but has also covered services in many temples both as Videographer and Live Streaming expert.


The Jewish traditions of L'dor V'dor and the arrival into Jewish adulthood are moments that need to be captured on video- photography merely captures a moment, but high quality Video & Audio immerses you forever in that moment and with those special people- looking back you will be able to hear them, and feel them, not just see them.

All films are delivered on your own Netflix style page where you can download them in full 4k to have forever, play them on all your devices and even stream to your TV!


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