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Alex Hopkins Entertainment was created by Australian Filmmaker, Actor and Musician Alex Hopkins to be a personalized storytelling production house. Alex began his journey in film as a leading actor in an Australian Television series in his teens, developing a love and technical knowledge of film making. The greatest part of being on a television show is the feeling of collaboration & sense of 'community'- we seek to bring these same qualities when working with our clients on their projects. Whether it is helping to create and execute an engaging and imaginative virtual event, advertising for your business, or capturing key moments in time like weddings, Bar Mitzvahs or Funerals, our mission (which we choose to accept!) is always the same:


To work collaboratively with our clients to tell their story in a creative and meaningful way.

(while hopefully maintaining a good sense of humor!) 

Take a look at our past projects on our Home Page or Services tab

We cannot wait to hear your ideas and to collaborate with you

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